Einfalt started designing posters back in 2015 and has today the largest selection of different posters to choose from in the Faroe Islands. Over a 1000 different posters in different sizes and some in different colors.

The name of the shop Einfalt (uk: simplified) refers to the style and design of the posters and motives.

Einfalts intension with faroese made posters is to remind us upon traditions, events, history, celebrations and domiciles. Posters are also for decoration only.

All the posters are printed on Printed on FSC certified 200 g/m² uncoated fine paper or semigloss paper selected for each edition of posters to assure the right balance between design and colors.

All Einfalts posters are designed by Einfalt and manufactured in Denmark. They go in many different sizes as well as standards such as A5, A4, A3, A2. The posters are sold in our webshop.

Feel free to suggest new motives for new posters. Einfalt can be reached via email and on Facebook.

Visit our webshop and have a closer look at Faroe Islands largest selection of faroese posters.